September 19, 2014

Thematic part

The Thematic part covers a large range of applications (civil and defence ones), and aims at specifying and validating value added products and services required by end users.

This part includes consideration about products integration in the operational systems or processing lines. It also includes a careful thought on intermediary structures to be developed to help non-autonomous users.

Lastly, this part aims at raising future users awareness, through practical demonstrations and validations.

After a seminar held in April 2003 for identifying major user requirements, this part begun in April 2004.

The Thematic part is composed of 8 thematic Work Groups (7 civil groups created mid 2004 and 1 "Defence" group created in june 2006) composed of external expert that contribute to in-depth thought on products and services. The themes of the WG are the following:

    WG1: Sea and Coastlines
    WG2: Risks and Humanitarian Aid
    WG3: Cartography, Town and Country Planning
    WG4: Geology and Geophysics
    WG5: Hydrology
    WG6: Forestry
    WG7: Agriculture
    WG8: Defence