September 19, 2014

Defense applications

For defense and security purposes, the ORFEO system must enable the acquisition, the processing and the delivery of high definition spatial imaging to satisfy the following needs:

  • in priority, collect the image and information derived from images to get the necessary information for an autonomous evaluation of the situation
  • to contribute to crises prevention and management
  • to prepare, plan and conduct operations
  • for the monitoring of the proliferation and other particular situations
  • in complement to other means, collect necessary images for military geography to realise satellite image maps and digital terrain models or digital height models.

Thanks to its access capabilities in less than 12 hours to every theater of operations, and thanks to its capabilities to deliver the information in a very short time, it will enable to satisfy tactical objectives for defense.

Moreover, the ORFEO system is considered as complementary to specific systems of the defense such as HELIOS : the french defense will develop a component that will enable to federate and optimize the access to all these systems.

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