September 19, 2014

Mapping Application

Mapping has a special status because it serves as a reference for almost all other applications. These include:

  • environment: the design and production of risk prevention plans, impact studies, natural resource management, urban nuisance control (air pollution, noise, etc.),
  • town planning and development: urban development monitoring, communal property management, land use management, communal maps, urban equipment management),
  • network management (water, sanitation, telephone, electricity, etc.),
  • public works and rural development: signposting and road management, impact studies and development plans,
  • transport and municipal police: urban displacement plans and public transport management,
  • economic and social development: management of city policies and areas of activity,
  • protection of heritage and tourism: landscape protection, management of cultural, historical and leisure facilities.

The following mapping information is supplied:

The following four types of users are concerned by these databases and geographical information:

  • users from the public sector such as administrative services, etc.
  • Defense,
  • private and consulting companies,
  • the general public.