September 19, 2014

Wood production function

The volume of standing trees has been estimated at 300 billion m³ for closed forest stands. Approximately 36% of this volume is composed of conifers, 88% of which are in the ex. USSR, the United States and Canada. Broadleaf trees are concentrated in Latin America (49%), Asia (19%) and Africa (13%) (Source: FAO. - Forest resources assessment 1990. Tropical world - FAO Forestry Paper No.112. - Rome, 1993.)

This function consists in producing wood for industry (timber, wood for pulp), firewood, etc. This function is part of a forest area economic profitability policy... The information required concerns knowledge of the environment: topography, access and service routes, floor types), resource evaluation (inventory of forest types, composition and geographical distribution of species), physical parameters (height, diameter, density, volume etc), and monitoring the productivity of forested areas (growth monitoring, harvest assessment, etc.).;